Wheel Alignment

Wheel AlignmentHave you ever noticed your car pulling slightly to one side while driving? Or you are driving in a perfectly straight line but your steering wheel is slightly pointed to one side or another? These are both classic signs of misaligned wheels. To keep your car running on the straight and narrow, regular wheel balancing and alignments are necessary. The ASE Certified technicians at ER Auto Care in Upper Arlington, OH, are uniquely qualified to rebalance your misaligned wheels and get you back on the road in no time.

What Happens During A Wheel Alignment?

When you bring your car to ER Auto Care in Upper Arlington, OH, for a wheel alignment, what do the mechanics actually do? Alignment is the process of adjusting vehicle suspension components to bring the wheels and tires into specific angles, meaning all four of your wheels are perfectly balanced to hit the road in equal measures as you drive. This helps with even tire wear, steering, and vehicle performance. Misaligned wheels aren’t necessarily the driver’s fault. The roads of Upper Arlington are fraught with hazards, and even one pothole or manhole cover can knock your wheels out of alignment. Even just the passage of time can cause wheels to fall out of alignment. No matter the cause, if your car is pulling to one side, make an appointment with ER Auto Care

Wheel Alignment in Upper Arlington, OH

If you’ve noticed your car pulling and you need a wheel alignment, you’ll want to trust this process to the pros at ER Auto Care. We check your wheels, suspension, and tires during a wheel alignment, making sure all the components of your vehicle are working perfectly and perfectly in line. We will also check your tires for uneven wear caused by misaligned wheels. If you need new tires, ER Auto Care can even help with that. When you bring your car to ER Auto Care, we make sure your wheels are perfectly aligned, balanced and in good shape before we take it down off the lifts.

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When your car is pulling slightly to one side or another, it might not seem like a big deal. Ignoring the problem is actually a bigger deal than handling it, as uneven tire wear decreases the life of your tires and your car generally isn’t a safe as it could be. The ASE Certified mechanics at ER Auto Care can align your wheels quickly, and get you back on the road with a 3 year/36k nationwide warranty on all services performed. Make an appointment with us today!

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