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engine repair & diagnosticsWithout a doubt, the most important part of your vehicle is the engine. Without an engine, a car is essentially a couch with wheels. Responsible for powering every part of the vehicle, the engine needs regular service and maintenance to keep it running for years and miles down the road. If you need engine repair or engine diagnostics in Upper Arlington, OH, bring your car to the ASE Certified mechanics at ER Auto Care today.

Engine Diagnostics in Upper Arlington, OH

If something feels off with your engine, you can generally notice a problem as a regular driver of a car. More than that, though, a surefire indicator that something is off is the dreaded check engine light. Nearly every modern car on the road is equipped to warn drivers of imminent engine issues with this ominous warning light, and while ignoring it is easy, this can lead to costly repairs or even engine failure in the future. If yours has just come on or you’ve been driving around with it on for longer than you’d like to admit, the techs at ER Auto Care can run engine diagnostics to pinpoint the exact problem. Don’t let a simple repair turn into a major one through inaction; bring that vehicle into ER Auto Care.

Engine Repair in Upper Arlington, OH

If your check engine light is on and ER Auto Care has used engine diagnostics to pinpoint the exact problem, it is time to discuss engine repairs. We will always discuss all repair or replacement options with you before any work is performed, and you can be sure any work done is right the first time with our 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty. Even if your check engine light never shows its face, other problems like engine knocking noises, strange smells, or exhaust issues could all require engine repair as well. If your car’s engine is acting up, there is only one place to go – ER Auto Care.

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If your car has engine trouble, that’s a problem you can’t ignore and hope it will go away. It won’t. Luckily, the ASE Certified technicians at ER Auto Care are here to help. From simple engine service to preventative maintenance to complicated repairs, ER Auto Care can do it all. We even offer a free second opinion on possible repairs or replacements. For all things engines in Upper Arlington, OH, trust the pros at ER Auto Care.

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